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Ceremonial Matcha Akashi 30g

Akashi is the most popular Matcha quality and unites all the good qualities of a Matcha: rich flavor, brisk, mild, delicate and smooth. Beautifully vivid green color.  Akashi is the ideal beverage for the daily needs.


100% organic Japanese Matcha green tea


Boil fresh, soft water.  Let the water cool down to 80°C (e.g. open kettle and wait for 10 min or pour the water at least 4-5 times into another cold pot – water looses 4-5° C with each decanting). Put 1g Matcha (2 bamboo scoops or ½ tea scoop) into the Matcha bowl. Add up 80ml of hot (80°C) water. Whisk the tea with a Matcha whisk until a fine froth appears. It will take you around 15 seconds to prepare your cup of Matcha tea.

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30g Tin. Free UK delivery.

Ceremonial Matcha Hikari 30g tin

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