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A great place to enjoy a new world of tea

Char Wallah Tea

Char Wallah Tea, based in Birmingham in the UK, is run by brother and sister team, Andrew and Julie. During his travels to Australia and Asia, Andrew started drinking loose leaf tea and quickly discovered the taste was far superior and more enjoyable than his usual 'cuppa'. What impressed him too was the incredible health benefits of drinking tea.

On returning to the UK Andrew introduced Julie to the teas and together they began the incredible journey into the world of tea. The more they learned the more passionate they became about tea and they realised that, as nation of tea drinkers, the Great British public should also be enjoying loose leaf tea. So 'Char Wallah' was created.

They have sourced the best quality tea and offer a range of teas to suit everyone's palate, from strong black teas through to the herbal infusions, so customers can enjoy the diverse tastes of tea.

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